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Outsource eCommerce Customer Service with Experts

24hr Support Lines

24/7 Support Lines

Extend operational hours. We’re there for your customers when they need you most, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Improve the Customer Experience

Multi-channel solutions that are easily scalable. Benefit from the latest tech without the investment.

Reduce Costs

Free up resources to focus on growth. Only pay for the exact amount of productive staff time used.

Leave it to Professionals

Utilise specialist skills and gain from up-to-date staff training programmes for continuous improvement.

Retail & eCommerce

Outsourced Customer Services

Inbound & Outbound Call Centre Services

Delivery Queries & Courier Issues


Further information about a product or service guided to a sale close.


Educate on proper use of product to avoid returns


Complaint Management


Returns, Refunds, Replacements & Claims


Out of Stock Queries


eCommerce Call Center Outsourcing
Further services to cover your needs

Need more? We can provide our clients with further services to cover all retail and e-commerce needs. Ask us about what else we can do for you.

Order Management & Telesales Call Centre

Turn information calls into sales

Order Taking & Telesales Calls

Consumers often call the needing further information about a product or service. Our agents are professionally trained in order taking giving in-depth information about your products/services and then guiding them to a sale close by reinforcing the benefits of the product/service.

Secure Payment Processing

Our PCI DSS Level 1 accreditation ensures smooth and secure payment processing every time.

Multi-Channel Customer Service Contact Centre

Email, Webchat & Social Media Support

Multi-Channel Solutions

Improve the customer experience by staying up-to-date with the way your customers prefer to contact your business. We can also provide your company with email, webchat and social media customer service support.


Fulfilment & Pick and Pack

Complete Warehousing Solutions

Fulfilment Solutions

Want all outsourced solutions under one roof? We can provide our clients with full warehouse, fulfilment and pick and pack services. We’ll take your orders, process them and ship them out with your preferred carrier.


Classroom style product training

We strive to know as much about your products and processes as you do!

Product and customer service training

Product and customer service training is at the heart everything we do. Our training managers and coaches are always available to educate and inform agents by giving them the tools they need to succeed in servicing your customers.

Come in and train our staff

We welcome clients training our staff on their products and services. Our agents are eager to learn in-depth information about product use, systems, processes and anything else your customers may have questions about.

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Expecting the unexpected

Your company may have great products and excellent service but we know the unexpected can arise at any moment during the customer journey. Our promise is simple; we’ll be there for your customers when they need you most. Experienced and ready to resolve any issues your customer is experiencing, we’ll do are best to raise your customer satisfaction levels, improve customer loyalty rates so that your customers continue to purchase from you and recommend your products above those of your competitors.

My customers often call chasing delivery. Can you help with this?

Of course! We can work alongside with your preferred delivery partners and track packages for your customers. We’ll update them with the delivery and login information into your preferred customer management systems. Making sure your customer is well informed so they leave a call with us satisfied with your service is our priority.

We often have calls about returns. Can you manage this for us?

Yes! We can manage and organise returns for you and set up refunds. You may already have your returns process with your preferred carrier and your fulfilment warehouse but we can help by keeping your customer informed and explaining the process in detail so that it all goes as smoothly as possible.

Interested consumers often call wanting further information about a product/service. Can you turn these calls into sales?

Yes! All our customer service agents are also trained in sales. When a potential customer calls to get further details about a product/service, our agents can provide them with in-depth information, reinforce the benefits and value of a product and guide them to the sale close. Impact can help you maximise conversions so your sales increase.

How will the process be measured and priced?

Our processes are measured using bespoke metrics designed to meet our clients’ needs. Pricing is also flexible to each client and we work to a plan specifically created to match a client’s expectations.

Will I have an account manager to I can report to about updates?

When on-boarding you will have an account manager you can liaise with about any updates. You can also contact our call centre managers and speak to those delivering your service. Frequent meetings with managers are held to discuss client requirements and the service being provided so we can continue to give a world class service to our clients and their customers.

We have delivery queries and returns covered.

We can work alongside your preferred carriers and track shipments and returns to keep you customer informed.

eCommerce Call Center Outsourcing

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