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We’re there for your customers when they need you most – 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Outsourcing sales calls to Impact Call Centre

Impact is a customer focussed contact centre and our passion for excellence plays a massive role in the overall success of our clients. We continually re-invest in agent training so that our staff know about your products or services as well as you do – which is essential in supporting your customers with their purchase. We’re driven by and strive to exceed sales targets and are not afraid to be measured. Our business solutions are here to help your company grow, improve customer loyalty and with that help you succeed in all aspects of your business goals.

We are a customer centric contact centre, helping companies grow by building effective relationships and improving the customer experience.

Outsourcing Services
Inbound & Outbound Telesales Services

Inbound Sales

Consumers have said that calling a business is the most effective method of communication for a quick response. It is also very important for them to be able to interact with a salesperson who demonstrates empathy and is available when they need them. Our sales teams are trained to create positive, emotional experiences by building connections that help drive customer loyalty. We’re there for your customers when they need you most.                                              

Outbound Sales

Our outbound sales ethos has always been to use direct consumer contact only in situations where the customer has asked for it. If you need outbound for business to business sales, a product recall, continuity programme, to call prospects who have requested contact or to gather re-orders for consumable products, we’re here and ready to talk to you. Our outbound call center can advise and work with you to ensure that you stay on the right side of the new GDPR rules. drive cu

Secure Payment Call Centre

PCI DSS Level 1 Certified

PCI DSS Level 1 compliance ensures our fully automated payment processing is amongst the most secure “over the phone” methods. We are audited every year by a external qualified security assessor to ensure the safety of your customer’s data.

Outsourcing Services
Outsourced Telesales & Order Taking Services
Boost Revenue

When customers call to place an order we will always look to increase your average order value by offering other products or services. We’re experienced professionals in up-selling and cross selling.


✔ Promotions to Increase Sales

✔ Bundles, Up Sells & Cross Sales

✔ Increase Average Order Value

Media Response Sales

Whatever source of media, promotions or advertising you do we are able to track calls with media codes to see what media sources they are coming from and turn those calls into closed sales.


✔ Print & Digital Media

✔ Television & DRTV

✔ Track ROI & Media Conversions

Maximise Conversions

Many questions arise before a sale can be made. We can successfully resolve all queries by giving in-depth information, show value of product, reinforce benefits and guide customers to a closed sale.


✔ Questions & Information Clarification

Reinforce Benefits & Value of Product

✔ Conversions & Sales Funnel 


Working on a call campaign to gather valuable information about customers?  We can effectively build your customer relationships and report the insights back to you.


✔ Validate Consent & Data Clensing (GDPR)

✔ Product Launches, Recalls & Win-backs

✔ Surveys & Voice of Customer (VoC)

Continuity Programmes

Continuity plans may offer an introductory “trial period” to let potential consumers check out the merchandise or service and decide whether to join the plan.


✔ Trial Periods, Retainers & Subscriptions

✔ VIP & Loyalty Programs

✔ Clubs, Memberships & Repeat Orders

Bookings & Reservations

We are professionals in securing bookings, reservations, appointments, enrolments, registrations or consultations. Our agents can successfully log details into your systems.


✔ Bookings & Reservations

✔ Enrolments & Registrations

✔ Consultations & Appointments

Our target driven sales attitude aims for a sale on every call, to exceed expectations and deliver excellence.

Making your customer journeys great

Sales and customer services are a vital part of the customer experience which, if done right, can enhance the success of any business. Impact believes that serving the customer’s needs successfully leads to customer satisfaction. We help companies achieve this every day by maintaining effective customer relationships and smooth customer journeys. Delighting consumers is something we thrive on and the more happy customers you have, the better you will feel.

1. Interest

Information about your products and services

When a prospect is in the beginning phase of the customer journey they will often have questions about your products or services and want to speak to someone over the phone to resolve questions as quickly as possible. It is vital to have a great team of helpful and friendly agents to inform, recommend and educate successfully during this stage. Impact agents are experts at building and retaining interest through to the sale close.


2. Consideration

Further information and guidance to sale

Some products and services have a longer consideration phase for customers and will need a more personalised approach especially if it’s costly or within a business to business (B2B) sector. It is important for telemarketing companies to be able to provide a team of knowledgeable and professional agents to guide prospects with the big decision of choosing your products or services over those of your competition. Impact can help you get ahead of your competitors and build successful relationships with your prospects and customers.

3. Purchase

Maximise revenue, secure payments

Customers often want to call to purchase your products or services. Most telesales companies can answer calls but our agents are professionals at maximising revenue by offering other products to their purchase or advising on special promotional deals. They are trained to do this without being pushy or rude as customer satisfaction and repeat orders are of most importance. Our PCI DSS Level 1 compliance ensures our payment processing is totally protected over the phone and your customers’ data is secure.


4. Delivery

Logistics and tracking information

After a sale has been made customers often have questions about their recent purchase such as; ‘Where is my order’, ‘I never received my order’, ‘I received the wrong item.’ or ‘I forgot to update my address’ etc. Impact agents are able to successfully log into systems to track orders or provide up to date information about memberships, products or services and keep customers satisfied with their recent purchase.

5. Ongoing Support

Post-sale support lines, warranties or returns

Customers often need on-going support for technical problems, updating information, recurring payments, warranties or returns. Our agents specialise in resolving all issues so a return or cancellation can be avoided. We believe in satisfying customer needs and educating consumers on how to properly use your product or services. Our contact center is here to make your customers happy and your job easier by minimising returns and cancellations.

6. Customer Loyalty

Customer retention and recommendations

When customers go down the ‘happy path’ of the customer journey and are satisfied with all aspects of the customer support they have received, customer retention rates rise and sales grow. Those customers you invested in with a great sales and customer service team become your biggest ambassadors and are more likely to recommend your product or services to their friends, family and colleagues. Impact can help your company grow by improving the customer journey so you can succeed in all aspects of your business goals.

Customer satisfaction

In the “review driven” era, it is vital for brands to make sure their customer journeys are perfect, as it is very easy for a dissatisfied customer to damage your precious reputation. We will help you provide great service, and become integral to the process of building customer loyalty and satisfaction.

With growing technologies make sure your brand does not lose sight of the importance of human connections.


We're passionate about what we do and feel that our success has to do with the way we make things happen. We owe it to our people, our process, our performance and most importantly our relationships with the great brands for whom we work.

Our People

From our management to our agents, our people are our greatest asset of whom we are proud. We strongly believe that happy employees are more able to do a great job. 72% of our staff have been with us for over two years and average tenure is four years which is quite high for call centres.

As positive ambassadors to the companies that we represent, we’re also target driven and focus on enhancing strengths, productivity and knowledge of our partners brands.

Agent and Product or Service Training - Script Writing - Campaign Management - Performance Coaching - Progressional Growth  -  Recognise and reward - Positive - Friendly - Caring - Empathetic

Our Process

We will provide you with seamless integration into our call centre services using proven on-boarding processes, training methods, well documented procedures, consultative account management and relevant reporting to fit into your method of working.

Our on-boarding process is an efficient, timely and professional experience for our partners and is one that we have undertaken very successfully many times with multiple and recent experience of on-boarding many diverse businesses.

Effective Script Development - In-house IT - IT Setup - Technological Infrastructure - System Integration Project Management - Project Implementation - Flexible Solutions

Our Performance 

Our passion for continuous improvement drives us to always look for better ways and additional opportunities to add value to our services and find fresh, innovative ideas based on the powerful insight that we gain from speaking to your customers every day.


Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Analyse Data - Valuable Insights - Customised Reporting Benchmarking - Balance Score Card Meetings - Account Management - Identify Issues

Our Partnerships

We work closely and directly with our clients and appreciate the different markets in which they operate and consequently their differing requirements. Our aim is to develop long-term relationships based on a mutual desire to achieve success.

Communication is the key to a successful partnership. Our management team will always work closely with you and we very much believe in whole team support for our clients.

Direct Partnership - Trust - Honesty - World Class Service - Committed - Continued Improvement - Integrity - Responsibility and Ownership 

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