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Virtual Call Centre for Government Support

To help during these uncertain times, Impact Call Centre has taken steps to expand our core services to cover a wide array of pandemic-specific requirements. In addition to assisting medical practices and pharmacies, we’re also proud to offer a virtual call centre for government support. From providing advice and guidance to connecting callers with the right people, we provide an invaluable platform to keep everyone connected. To inquire further, call our team today on +44 1794 230 230.

Introducing Our Virtual Call Centre Services for Government Support

With the world very much in the grip of the current Covid-19 pandemic, it’s now more important than ever to stay connected. The advice is frequently changing, and in some cases, daily. And with businesses and individuals struggling financially, the Government has been rallying to provide financial support to keep the country afloat. But with so many packages out there and so many mixed messages, making sense of it all can be frustrating. If you’re trying to reach someone for answers, we can help with our virtual call centre for government support.

If you need to get in contact with someone to ask a question, request additional info or get yourself connected to the right people, we can help. Our virtual call handlers for government support help cut through the confusion and provide governments, both central and local, with the ability to increase their phone line capacity. Rather than people waiting in lengthy queues, they can be connected to one of our operators who will have been fully briefed to provide the required assistance.

Through our virtual call centre for government support, we can ensure that individuals and businesses receive the answers they so desperately need. And we help the government stay on top of the crisis by helping to better manage incoming calls.

Virtual Call Handlers for Government Support

With businesses having closed, we at Impact Call Centre had to drastically re-work the way in which we delivered our services. Fortunately, nothing has changed so much as the service we provide, so our customers can still enjoy the great quality they’ve come to expect from us. What has changed is that our call handlers now work remotely, providing services such as a virtual call centre for government support from their homes.

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They all still have access to our cutting-edge technologies and our industry-leading training and onboarding processes. And so, when working to provide government support, our team will be fully briefed on everything they need to know to assist individuals and businesses. And where proper escalation is required, this will be handled in a timely fashion with all relevant information passed along to the right person.

Through the provision of virtual call centre services for government support, we seek to provide a convenient means for everyone to keep connected. During these uncertain times, this is now more important than ever.

So, if you’re looking to put in place a virtual call centre for government support to assist those at a local or central level, make sure you get in touch with our team today.

    Why Turn to Impact Call Centre for a Virtual Call Centre for Government Support?

    Here at Impact Call Centre, we’re committed to doing our part to help individuals and businesses stay connected during these difficult times. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption, changing the very landscape for businesses as well as social interaction. We’re having to adapt more and more to what’s been dubbed ‘the new normal’. And in the wake of so much uncertainty, virtual call centre services for government support are now more vital than ever.

    Thanks to our efforts, we’ve helped to provide a much-needed relief service for those government elements that require one. If your phone lines are being overwhelmed and it’s taking time to get through to everyone, our team of 200 call operators can help. By offering virtual call handlers for government support, we’re doing our part to help thousands of frustrated individuals get the answers they so desperately seek.

    And because our entire team is fully briefed and trained before accepting any contract, we’re 100% confident that our operators will be able to handle most of the queries received. And where necessary, they’ll ensure that callers are escalated to the right department who’ll be able to handle their query. Our service takes pressure off government agencies, freeing them up to focus on critical cases and combatting the current pandemic and its fallout.

    Reasons to choose Impact Call Centre are numerous and include:

    • Bespoke Call Packages
    • 24/7 Service
    • GDPR Compliant
    • Multi-Channel Solutions
    • Cost-Effective – Only Pay for What You Use


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