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Patient Support Call Centre

Does your business deal with providing patient support? Is your call handling team currently being inundated with calls from patients with health-related questions or other queries? In times like the current Covid-19 pandemic, it’s easy for said phone lines to become overwhelmed but help just a phone call away. At Impact Call Centre, we can serve as a patient support call centre to help alleviate much of the strain currently being exerted on your team. To get set up, just call us today on +44 1794 230 230.

Professional Call Centre Support for Patients in Need

The world is currently battling a global pandemic, the scope of which has not been witnessed for over a century. In such trying times, healthcare providers will have likely seen a sharp uptake in incoming calls. Some of these calls might be related to the pandemic while others might be related to other issues or just simply be general queries or requests for advice. If your team becomes overwhelmed, patient care will drop. With our patient support call centre in place, you’ll have the capacity you need to stay on top of things.

While it’s important to stress that our patient support call handlers are NOT medically trained, we can still be of assistance. We can field general inquiries, and even basic advice calls on your behalf. This frees your team up to deal with more specialist matters, such as medical issues, prescription requests, etc. By taking care of the calls that don’t require the attention of a medical professional, we free your doctors and nurses up to tend to the calls that require their input.

    Our Patient Support Call Centre is Fully Operational

    You might be dealing with staff who are furloughed, off sick, self-isolating or shielding themselves. As a result, your call team might already be depleted. Our team, however, is fully operational via our homeworkers. We’ve ensured that all our IT solutions are in place and completely secure to enable our team to continue delivering excellent service. This helps keep our employees and their families safe, while enabling us to continue assisting our clients, like providing call centre support for patients.

    We’re specialists in a wide range of areas, and thanks to our extensive onboarding process, our call handlers will receive the tools and information they need to help patients on your behalf. Our patient support call centre can be fully integrated into your phone line operations, and our experts will be on call 24/7. So, even when your site is closed for the night, we’re only ever just a phone call away.

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    We don’t deal in ‘one size fits all’ packages – every service is bespoke and set up carefully to ensure that it fulfils the client’s requirements completely. As stated above, our patient support call handlers receive the tools and information they need to do their jobs. Plus, we have all the necessary processes and personnel in place to ensure that your patients can be accurately and confidently advised. And if an issue arises that requires the attention of a doctor or nurse, the call can be documented and escalated correctly and in an expeditious manner.

    At Impact Call Centre, we’re committed to doing our part to supporting the healthcare sector, enabling medical professionals to focus on providing patients with the best possible care. To learn more about our patient support call centre, call our team now on +44 1794 230 230.

    Why Choose Our Patient Support Call Handlers?

    In these trying times, it’s essential to try and maintain as much normality as possible. With so many people right now feeling the strain caused by Covid-19, it’s important to remember that help is never too far away. At Impact Call Centre, we’re committed to doing our part by helping to keep individuals connected to the medical services they so often rely on. Our patient support call centre helps take much of the strain off healthcare providers so that they can continue to deliver the best possible care.

    Our team of dedicated call operators are all highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable. Able to absorb information quickly and retain knowledge important to the role, they can deliver the kind of service you expect for your patients. We have more than 200 trained operators to call on. And while we won’t be able to deal with medical-related calls, we’re here to help with any general queries or requests for advice. Any advice provided is the advice given to us by medical professionals verbatim.

    We’ll never provide advice without the correct training that could have serious implications for the individual. In cases where a doctor or nurse is required, we’ll always ensure that calls are correctly logged and escalated. We’re here to help in any way we can through our call centre support for patients.

    To summarise, when you opt for our patient support call centre, you’ll benefit from the following:

    • Calls Taken 24/7
    • Advice and Services Tailored to Your Needs
    • Competitively Priced
    • Highly Trained Call Operators
    • Secure Payment Handling Available (if applicable)
    • Email Support

    Contact Us Today

    To learn more about our patient support call centre, call Impact Call Centre on +44 1794 230 230, email us at sales@impactcallcentre.co.uk or complete our online contact form.