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Outsourcing Calls NHS

The arrival of Covid-19 in the UK has caused mass disruption to day-to-day life for individuals and businesses. One particular institution that has been stretched is the NHS, with doctors and nurses being overwhelmed by the admission of patients that are struggling with the virus. As a result, it has been difficult for residents to get through to the NHS for other health problems. However, we at Impact Call Centre can help! By outsourcing calls, NHS staff don’t have to worry about handling an influx of calls. For more information, get in touch by calling 01794 230 230.

Call Centre Services NHS Staff Will Benefit From

It is no secret that the NHS has been stretched for many years now, but Covid-19 has taken the strain to a new level. With many doctors and nurses needing to prioritise infected patients, individuals that suffer with other health problems are being forced onto the back-burner. Due to the lack of staff and resources, not every call can be answered, but we can assist by acting as an outsourced NHS call centre.

We boast a dedicated team of call handlers that are highly trained and experienced. Our experts here at Impact Call Centre should be your number one choice when considering outsourcing calls, NHS staff. This is because we can gain an in-depth knowledge of your practice and provide callers with the relevant information.

Of course, we are not medical professionals, so for specific information our professionals will pass the caller on to the relevant department. By enlisting our call centre services, NHS staff, your phone lines will not be overwhelmed, and no calls will be missed. Our dedicated team will be able to alleviate some of the strain so that you can continue working at an appropriate pace.

As a makeshift NHS call centre, residents up and down the UK can have peace of mind knowing that their call will be answered. Living in these unprecedented times causes plenty of stress and anxiety, particularly for individuals that have had hospital treatment postponed due to Covid-19. With the help of Impact Call Centre, we can make sure that patients are directed to the right people when they contact the NHS.

24/7 Support

The NHS is needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but not all phone lines can remain open at all hours. However, by outsourcing calls, NHS staff, you don’t have this problem! Here at Impact Call Centre, we can operate lines 24/7 so that a call is never missed. This means that we will be able to provide over-the-phone support to patients and members of the general public at any time, day or night.

Outsource Telemarketing Sales
Our call centre services, NHS staff, are manned by handlers that are both professional and friendly. When it comes to any sort of health issue or query, it is important that there is a comforting voice on the other end of the phone for that individual. As well as providing this, we also boast the following:

  • Bespoke Agreements
  • GDPR Compliant Service
  • Competitive Prices
  • A Can-Do Attitude

Why Enlist Impact Call Centre for Outsourcing Calls, NHS Staff?

As mentioned, there’s an ongoing strain on the NHS during this global pandemic, so it’s only right that a company such as Impact Call Centre provides some semblance of relief. By acting as an NHS call centre, individuals won’t be overwhelming your phone lines as we will be able to answer and direct their calls. More than 200 members of staff make up our dedicated team, with each one highly trained to handle all manner of over-the-phone requests. If you are considering outsourcing calls, NHS staff, then you should choose a company that represents your service in the right way. We can guarantee this at Impact Call Centre as we deliver your message appropriately. There are many values that we as a company adopt to ensure that everyone is delivering to a high standard across the board. By outsourcing calls, NHS staff, you will alleviate some of the burden on your colleagues as our handlers can take on calls from the public.

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