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Outsourced Inbound Sales Calls

Are you struggling to cope with the demand of sales calls? Well, if you hire the services of Impact Call Centre, our agents can help. We offer outsourced inbound sales calls so that you can focus on what you do best; running your business. For more information about our bespoke packages, give us a call on 01794 230 230.

We Are Your Go-To Company for Outsourced Telesales

For growing businesses or ones that are starting from the ground up, it can be difficult finding time to keep track of calls from customers. Due to this, some businesses opt to hire new staff to act as call handlers, while others use current staff that may be trained in other departments. To eliminate this problem, you should opt for outsourcing inbound sales calls.

Here at Impact Call Centre, we will save you money by taking care of your sales calls. There is no better company to turn to if you’re looking for outsourced inbound sales calls, as we have a team of experienced professionals. You won’t have to hire new employees, plus your current ones won’t be distracted from their jobs by answering calls.

Outsourced telesales can be incredibly beneficial as our call agents will learn every inch of your business. We will make sure that we can answer any queries from your customers without hesitation. It is essential that your clientele feel comfortable in contacting your company, and this is why our approach is empathetic as well as informative.

Our mission is to build connections with your customers so that they remain loyal. By outsourcing inbound sales calls, you won’t have to deal with the stress, and due to our expertise, you can trust us to drive customer sales. We understand that customers get frustrated with the old-fashioned sales spiel, but you won’t get that from us. Our personable approach will build trust.

The Benefits of Our Services

Outsourced Inbound Sales CallsHaving outsourced inbound sales calls has multiple benefits. Above, we highlighted how it will save you money and time in training existing or new staff. However, those aren’t the only advantages when you choose our company. We will also be able to boost your business in many ways, including the following:

  • Revenue Increase
  • Media Response Sales
  • Maximise Conversions
  • Campaigns
  • Continuity Programmes
  • And More!

As well as taking care of inbound calls, our outsourced telesales services also includes outbound sales. This includes B2B sales, product recalls, and calls to customers that have requested contact. Plus, we will work with you to make sure that you operate within GDPR guidelines.

Why Choose Us for Outsourced Inbound Sales Calls?

Here at Impact Call Centre, we employ more than 200 staff, with each one highly experienced and trained in dealing with customers over the phone. If you are interested in outsourcing inbound sales calls, then you have come to the right place. All of our services are second to none and you can put your full trust in us to understand your products and services.

As part of our outsourced inbound sales calls service, we provide 24/7 support lines. Your customers will know that they can reach our lines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will automatically enhance the reputation of your business as customers are unlikely to be swayed towards your competitors.

You will get much more than outsourced inbound sales calls when you enlist the help of Impact Call Centre. We have a can-do attitude and are always consumer focused. Plus, we act in an honest and transparent manner, so that yourself and your customers can always trust us.

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To find out more information about outsourced inbound sales calls, you can reach us by calling 01794 230 230. Alternatively, send an email to sales@impactcallcentre.co.uk or contact us by filling in our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.