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Outsourced Customer Service Call Centre

Has your company been looking for an outsourced customer service call centre? You have struck gold by finding Impact Call Centre. Our agents will represent your business and offer fantastic support unlike any other. Find out more about setting up your own centre and get a free quote today by calling our team on 01794 230 230.

Your New Outsourced Customer Service Call Centre

Impact Call Centre is a customer focused call centre with a passion for providing unbeatable phone services. Regardless of which sector you work in, you will need to provide a first-class service to your clients. This is where we come in – with our outsourced customer service call centre.

Here at Impact Call Centre, we continuously invest in our agents and their training. This enables us to ensure that they know as much about your products as you do. We resolve queries during the first phone call, which is not something every call centre provider can guarantee the way we can.

This type of approach to service will enable your customers to conclude their call fully satisfied with your service. We’ll help your company grow, improve client loyalty, and achieve all of your professional objectives with our outsourced call centre that customers can’t recommend enough.

Outsourced Customer Service Call Centre – Inbound

It has been found that most people still prefer to speak to someone over the phone, despite technological advances, online chats, and so on. You can now use our outsourced call centre to ensure that someone is always there to help your customers with their enquiries.

Outsourced Call Centre – Outbound

At Impact Call Centre, we understand the limitations and opportunities present within the scope of GDPR legislation. If you still need to make your customers aware of it, then hire our outsourced customer service call centre to do it for you.

Choose Impact Call Centre as Your Call Centre Provider to Elevate Your Business

We specialise in a range of industries, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat. You will struggle to find another centre that offers such a tailored service that has been built around your unique products.

The team at Impact Call Centre understands that many businesses don’t work on the standard nine to five schedule. We work around your hours, whatever they may be. When you let us handle your calls, you will have more time to expand the business in other areas that require attention.

Answering your own calls can be a nightmare that takes up all of your time. To begin with, there’s the cost of setting up the phone lines and systems. Secondly, you will have to train your staff members, who may not have prior experience giving this type of support and will probably be more useful doing something else.

Impact Call Centre can have your outsourced customer service call centre up and running in only a few hours. You can then focus on different aspects for future growth. Our agents will only increase customer loyalty with their professional phone manner and dedication to their work.

Outsourced Customer Service Call Center

The Service You’ve Been Waiting For

With Impact Call Centre as your new call centre provider, you can enjoy and take advantage of all of the following benefits and guarantees that other companies won’t provide:

  • 24/7 Support Lines
  • Cost-Effective Option
  • Customer Feedback Guaranteed to Improve
  • Professional Operators Taking Your Calls
  • And More!

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Convinced that your company would benefit from an outsourced customer service call centre? If so, get in touch with Impact Call Centre by calling 01794 230 230 or sending a message through our contact form.