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Covid-19 Call Centre Support

Are you struggling to keep up with the level of incoming calls during this unforeseen pandemic? If you require Covid-19 call centre support, then let Impact Call Centre assist you while we get through these trying times. Our fast setup and flexible packages are streamlined and simple – exactly what you need right now. You can find out more by calling us on 01794 230 230 and telling us a little more about your company and its current requirements!

Discover Our Outsourced Covid-19 Call Centres

Here at Impact Call Centre, we fully understand how stressful the Coronavirus is proving to be for individuals and businesses alike. This is why we’re currently offering special Covid-19 call centre support to businesses that require it the most.

We have many years of experience giving the finest phone support in the business. This means that we’re fully equipped to be your top choice when choosing between a few different outsourced Covid-19 call centres.

Covid-19 Call Centres

The Government has already laid out various rules that all people in the UK must follow in order for the virus to be effectively contained. These include only leaving your home for the following four reasons:

  • Shopping for Basic Necessities
  • One Form of Exercise Per Day
  • Addressing the Medical Needs of Vulnerable Relatives
  • Travelling to Work if Absolutely Necessary

Our Covid-19 call centre support is available as an inbound service as well as an external outbound solution. Regardless of whether you need to be proactive and advise your clients on the situation or handle calls coming in from worried citizens, we can assist.

Temporary Covid-19 Call Handling

If the past few weeks have proven anything, it’s that the unexpected can rise at any time. While online support and service chats are popular nowadays, people still prefer to talk to someone over the phone and this is where our Covid-19 call centre support comes in.

Depending on your company’s industry and requirements, we can assist with inbound as well as outbound Covid-19 call centre support. We’re one of the very few teams that you’ll be able to find that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whatever the weather.

Taking care of your customers and reassuring them will obviously be a priority during these difficult times. This is why choosing one of the available Covid-19 call centres like ours is the right choice to keep up with the demand for information and assistance.

Why Hire Impact Call Centre to Assist with Covid-19 Call Handling?

Impact Call Centre has built up its excellent reputation through genuine passion for our work and only employing dedicated operators who care about what they do. You will see how we stand out from the competition when you let us assist with your Covid-19 call handling.

At Impact Call Centre, we continuously invest in our agents and their training. This has resulted in a comprehensive service where our operators know as much about your company and services as you do. In fact, we’re confident that your callers will have absolutely no idea that we’re not actually based in the same building as you.

With more than 200 trained staff members ready to assist, your calls will be in safe hands right here at Impact Call Centre. You can sign up for our world-class services by reaching out via one of the contact methods outlined below!

Contact Us Today for Covid-19 Call Centre Support

Would you like to discuss your requirements for Covid-19 call centre support further? We look forward to hearing from you soon and assisting you as much as we can. Call us today on 01794 230 230 and let’s get started!