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Call Centre Services for Doctors’ Surgeries

Has your surgery seen a dramatic increase in incoming calls? Is your team struggling to provide patients with the service that they require? Then Impact Call Centre is here to help. We’re offering to set up call centre services for doctors’ surgeries that have seen their ability to handle incoming calls seriously compromised. Our entirely bespoke service is a surefire way to support your medical staff in carrying out their duties safely and efficiently. To find out more, call us now on +44 1794 230 230.

Here to Lend a Helping Hand with Call Centre Support for Doctors’ Surgeries

Since the arrival of the Coronavirus here in the UK earlier this year, most businesses have had to adapt to a world that’s a lot different from how it was a few months prior. The pandemic has created uncertainty and panic, which has led to more and more people reaching out for help and advice. This, in combination with diminished staffing capacities, has left many businesses overwhelmed, including GP clinics. At Impact Call Centre, we’re here to help by providing call centre services for doctors’ surgeries.

No matter your circumstances, we’re here to support you and your patients. You might be fielding a lot of calls from patients who are concerned and seeking advice. Despite the importance of such calls, they can, unfortunately, prevent your staff from assisting those with genuine medical problems. This is where our call handler services for doctors’ surgeries comes into play.

Whenever a call comes through, it’s picked up by one or more of our highly trained call handlers who will be acting as members of your team. For general enquiries, they’ll be able to assist the caller, either providing them with advice or pointing them in the direction of the dedicated NHS advice hotline (111). If, however, it’s an issue that requires the attention of a doctor or nurse, this can be referred to a member of your team.

With our call centre services for doctors’ surgeries, only priority calls will be forwarded to your team, unless we’re directed otherwise. This takes the strain off your staff and lets them focus on helping those who have genuine medical complaints.

Call Handler Services for Doctors’ Surgeries You Can Always Count On

When the lockdown first came into effect, we at Impact Call Centre took steps to ensure that we could continue to deliver our service remotely. Our entire team are all working from home and have access to all our cutting-edge technologies. As such, they can continue to deliver call centre support for doctors’ surgeries to help GP clinics navigate these uncertain times. And by choosing Impact Call Centre to deliver these services, you can expect:

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  • 24/7 Availability – Your Patients Can Reach Us Whenever They Need To
  • GDPR Compliant Service – Sensitive Information Protected
  • Bespoke Call Handling Agreements
  • Highly Competitive Prices
  • Professional Service Every Time

So, if you’d like to inquire further, call Impact Call Centre on +44 1794 230 230 and let us talk you through our call centre services for doctors’ surgeries.

    Here to Provide Call Centre Services for Doctors’ Surgeries

    At Impact Call Centre, we’re here for our customers during these trying times. We recognise that trying to maintain some semblance of normality is difficult. Whether you’re trying to keep a business afloat, assist your customers or tend to your patients, know that we’re always here to help. Everyone is feeling the pressure right now, which is why our call centre support for doctors’ surgeries is such an invaluable resource.

    Each and every one of our 200 highly trained operators is ready to do their part to keep things on track and provide your patients with the advice they require. It can be frustrating not being able to speak to every single individual, and it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. Thanks to our call handler services for doctors’ surgeries, we provide a much-needed safety net to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

    Thanks to our lengthy onboarding process, dedicated account managers and highly skilled call operators, you can be confident that we have what we need to support you and your team.


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      If you’d like to find out more about our call centre services for doctors’ surgeries, call Impact Call Centre now on +44 1794 230 230.